This chronicle is for HP and Compaq Desktop, All-in-One, and HP TouchSmart PCs that went with Windows 10 and Windows 8. This file gives possible responses for some typical PC startup issues. Take after the methods in this record very much requested to help limit the issue and find the most fitting help.

Endeavor this first: Use the HP Guided Solution Give us an opportunity to control you through the course of action. Or then again take after the methods underneath. This video demonstrates what to do when your PC does not start Snap here to see this video in full screen on YouTube.

Stage 1: Remove circles and devices before exploring startup issues Kill the PC, clear any plates and USB contraptions, by then oust memory cards from the card peruser space. Isolate every single superfluous device, for instance, printers, scanners, outside hard drives, and practically identical devices. Empty or disconnect all plates and devices from the PC, beside the mouse, comfort, and screen. After you have ousted all plates and contraptions, turn on the PC.

Stage 2: Perform a hard reset Numerous startup botches and diverse issues can be settled by decreasing the measure of vitality set away in gear parts. Decreasing set away power is occasionally implied as a

Stage 3: Troubleshoot PC startup issues Read from the going with once-over of signs. In case you find a sign that matches your PC’s condition, take after those bearings. An association may take you to another assistance report that contains quick and dirty exploring steps. If you can’t find a reaction that matches your PC’s indication, see

Stage 4: Run Hardware Diagnostics tests.

The PC does not gain power (no bustle or lights)

The PC starts, yet makes beeping sounds

The PC starts, yet the screen is clear or lazy

The PC rushes up at the  or the Windows stacking screen

An oversight message appears on the screen

PC opens to a blue “Pick a decision” screen

All other startup issues

For all other startup issues, see Step 4: Run Hardware Diagnostics tests.

Stage 4: Run Hardware Diagnostics tests

Select your sort of PC from the decisions underneath, by then take after the rules for that kind of PC.

Work zones – Hard drive is perceived in BIOS however PC does not start

Keeping nothing down Ones – Hard drive is distinguished in BIOS yet PC does not start

Stage 5: Check whether the hard drive is distinguished in BIOS

In case the hard drive isn’t distinguished in the BIOS, the PC does not start. Play out the going with steps to check if the hard drive is recognized in BIOS:

Empty or confine all circles and devices from the PC, except for the mouse, reassure, and screen.

Hard drive isn’t distinguished in BIOS

Hard drive is distinguished in BIOS however PC does not start

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