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By | June 20, 2020

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There are many reasons why laptops do not start. If HP help desk are not starting, then there are two main reasons and one of them is power source. When AC is not available, power is provided from the laptop battery. So, this is the right time to inform whether you have a power supply issue or not. If the laptop appears to be dead, it has a power supply issue. Here are some steps to solve the problem. If you face any problem in following these steps, you can contact hp contact number 1-810-425-5223, where the experts are there to assist you in any technical issues.

Apply when contact hp support does not start

Check to confirm that the laptop is plugged.

Check if the battery is properly installed.

Remove the battery to power the laptop with AC power. If it is working, you will have to replace the faulty battery.

If needed, you can use another battery.

Check if this is the right adapter for you? Do this by checking the power brick on the AC cord.

The volts and amps on your laptop must match. Otherwise, your laptop will show some problems.

If the phone number for hp support power lamp is on, it indicates that the laptop has life. This implies that the laptop hardware has power that indicates it has a hardware problem and not a power problem.

HP laptops have separate lamps for both AC power and battery, which you will need to check. If the AC lamp lights up, it is a battery issue.

Take some contact hp support tests of your hp technical support phone number. For example, if the laptop has removable disk drives, check if they are properly connected. Do the same in the case of drives and memory cards.

If your laptop is broken, it will not work. In this case, hp support contact number.

Press the Caps Lock key, if the power is on, the Caps Lock Lamp will turn on and off on the laptop, then the problem is of the display.

Check whether the brightness of the laptop is medium. If it will be too low, the screen appears dark in the case of a dark room or under direct sunlight.

Attach an external monitor to the monitor port of the hp helpline number. If the external monitor is working, then the problem is only with the laptop’s display, not with the laptop’s display adapter or other internal hardware.

No further guidance on the issue of starting HP laptops

So if you find these steps convenient to perform, you can go through it. And if you need some extra help then you can take help of hp warranty helpline number 1-810-425-5223. The experts there will help you in the best possible way. To avail the service you have to contact our experts immediately and get rid of laptop problems. Call us now for the best deals! visit our Website:

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